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Free API for Detecting Disposable Email Addresses

DeBounce provides a free & powerful API endpoint for checking a domain or email address against a realtime up-to-date list of disposable domains.
CORS is enabled for all originating domains, so you can call the API directly from your client-side code.

Using the API

Using the API is as easy as hitting a URL.
Append the email address or domain name to check to the end.
GET https://disposable.debounce.io/[email protected]
The response will be JSON with one boolean property, e.g. {"disposable":"false"}

What is a Disposable Email Address?

A DEA, or disposable email address is a temporary, throw-away address that expires after a short period of time. DEA provider websites offer a service where users can generate a temporary email address (with about a 10 minute lifespan, for example). Some of the most common DEA providers are 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail, and Fake Inbox.

If your site prompts users to register before accessing specific content (such as a member area or an e-book), you probably attract a number of DEAs on your list as users try to sidestep the process. Since the address is real and DEAs deliver incoming messages, users can even click the link in your verification email to confirm that the address is valid. Then a few minutes later the email address self-destructs.

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