Real-Time JavaScript Widget

DeBounce email validation Real-Time Widget allows you to easily validate input emails on all of your website forms, making sure that they really exist before submission.

Collect valid emails using your website forms. No coding knowledge needed!

Use the email verification Real-Time (JavaScript) widget to quickly and easily add real-time email verification to your email fields. Super easy steps allow you to integrate this widget into your forms in a matter of seconds.

JavaScript Widget can Integrate with:

HTML Forms











More? Soon.

Get Real-Time Email Verification for Every Form.

Setup takes 60 seconds flat.

Installing DeBounce Real-Time Widget!

DeBounce email validation and checker Real-Time widget is easy to install. Copy the code below and paste directly before the </body> tag of your website.

<script type="text/javascript">
DeBounce_BlockFreeEmails = 'false'; //Set this value true to block free emails like Gmail.
<script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Installation Notes:

  1. You can get your API key from DeBounce dashboard.
  2. Do not forget to add your website address into approved CORS domains of your API key.
  3. For security reasons, use the Public JavaScript API (starting with public_) and avoid using the main API key.
  4. The widget will search for all fields with the attribute type="email" and name="email", plus any other attribute that contains the word ‘email’. In order to disable the email validation on input, add debounce-disable="true" attribute to that field.
  5. Generally, it is suggested to send transactional emails to Valid, Accept-all and Unknown emails. With this being the case, the widget will consider these three categories as valid.

Note that each internet IP (or each single website visitor) can validate 20 emails per day using your widget. This is a security measure to protect your credits from an abuser. In this case, the widget shows "You performed many validations" error message.

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